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Cabo Verde's Diaspora Charity Supporting access to Food & Nutrition, Healthcare and Education

Do you want to Support Cabo Verde’s Diaspora Charity?

Make regular donations

  • Regular support enable us to provide consistent and sustainable help to those that need it most.

Make a one-off donation

  • Please donate whichever amount you can afford to support our work. All donations are welcome.

To support Cabo Verde Diaspora’s Charity now click here .

Volunteer your time for your local community (London)

If you have read the information about what we do  you now know that we are based in London. As such we also want to have a positive impact in our Local Community here. To do that we will offer support to help people applying for jobs, education and training. We will also help with translating and understanding documents and accessing local services.

If you live in the UK and have any particular set of skills that can be useful to us please get in touch. We would like to hear from people who can support young people. Main focus will be to support to support them with job search and application, finding training opportunities, applying for courses understanding documents from local authorities and other entities, etc.

A list of some of the skills that are looking for in volunteers can be found in the Get Involved page, so if you think you can support Cabo Verde’s Diaspora Charity please do get in touch.