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Cabo Verde's Diaspora Charity Supporting access to Food & Nutrition, Healthcare and Education

The Cabo Verde’s Diaspora Charity is a project set up as a UK-based charity to raise funds to support basic needs of children and families in Cabo Verde. The key focus is to help tackle child poverty and related issues such as malnutrition, access to healthcare and education.

Our objective is to have a positive gradual sustained impact at grassroots level. We aim to give children, young people and families support with basic human needs.

We aim to provide support in the key areas of:

  • Food and Nutrition, improve the provision food and make sure poor children and families have access to, at least, one hot meal a day.
  • Healthcare, provide support, financial or otherwise, to individuals suffering from a condition or illness that stops them from leading a normal life. To better life quality of people living with debilitating medical conditions.
  • Education, improve children’s and families’ access to education by providing help with school material, meals and transport (among others).

The project was set up with the objective of making a positive contribution to help improve the lives of children. Our strategy is to focuse on bettering families’ access Food, Healthcare and Education. The desired long term effect is to raise Cape Verde families out of poverty and support sustained personal development.  This will potentially lead to better educational and employment prospects for those that we are able to support.

UK Based charity – local impact

The founders and volunteers of the Cabo Verde’s Diaspora Charity are UK-based Capeverdeans (including descendants and friends). We therefore aim to also have some impact locally where we live and to do this we provide support to young people in developing basic life skills. We support their efforts to access education,training and employment. want to also have a positive impact locally by promoting social integration and mobility within local communities in London.

How did the idea for Cabo Verde’s Diaspora Charity come about

The idea for a project to support sustainable development of the poorest within Cape Verde’s society arose following a visit to Cabo Verde in 2014 in the context of an initiative promoted by the Capeverdean Government. The initiative, Cabo Verde na Corason II (2014), was launched by the then Ministerio das Comunidades of Cabo Verde with the main aim of encouraging young Capeverdeans in the diaspora to think about/promote ideas that could lead to a sustainable positive impact in specific aspects of Capeverdeans in the islands.

    Project Cabo Verde na Corason II